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Hello boys!

How you dohieehnn?

Dressed for a royal wedding

It’s Friday, but not just your regular “TGIF”. For anyone who’s missed it, there’s been a royal wedding in England today. I just caught Kate’s dress (designed by Sarah Burton, who’s the head designer at Alexander McQueen) and the “I wills” before heading out the door to meet my brother and sister for coffee this afternoon.

I’m not that interested really, but checking out the gowns is always fun. I’ve been getting my red carpet updates from Ebba’s blog, she was in charge of commenting the Swedish royal wedding last summer and has been giving updates on today’s big wedding in her blog (and on TV) all day. I found the above photos (of princesses Eugenie and Beatrice) in her blog and had to repost them. It’s nothing I’d wear myself, but I thought it was fun to see something a little bit wild and “out there” in the flood of boring old lady hats, long garments and diamonds, someone’s got to be in charge of spicing things up!

Have you been following the royal wedding?

Jessica Stam in RUSSH

Love the colors in the photos of Jessica Stam in the latest issue of RUSSH.

This is Zombie boy

This is Zombie Boy

In Lady Gaga’s video for Born This Way

Lady Gaga walked the runway for Thierry Mugler’s fall 2011 fashion show. So what!? I’m more fascinated by Zombie Boy, aka Rico (real name Rick Genest), who also modeled in the show. Have you heard of this guy? He’s become somewhat of an internet sensation since going through a total of 24 hours of painful tattooing to create a skeleton-like full body tattoo. He’s a model and Thierry Mugler designer Nicola Formichetti’s muse. And he also stars in Lady Gaga’s video for her new single Born this Way.

This is the only photo I could find of what Rick looked like before getting inked. Looks like he was a rather cute and attractive guy. I’ll admit that the more I look at him, the more I’m captivated – I can’t decide if I find him attractive, but there is undoubtedly something about those puppy dog eyes of his (damn, the eyes always get me!) or maybe I’m just overly fascinated. I mean, who could stop staring?!

Here’s what he says to Bizarre magazine about the tattoos:

They’re about the human body as a decomposing corpse – the art of a rotting cadaver. It’s also a tribute to horror movies, which I love.

Read the full interview here.

I wonder what mom would say if I brought him over for dinner.

Aniston dressed as a baby with morphed lips

Let’s play “Who’s the celebrity?” for a minute. Looks like it could be some pop singer, kind of young, dressed a bit like Hugh Hefner and camera shy considering she had to bring her teddy bear to the set. No no, it’s just Jennifer Aniston. Yes, forty-something-year-old Jennifer Aniston in the latest issue of Allure magazine. With totally messed up lips. And a ridiculous outfit. And a teddy bear.

Please tell me Jennifer fired her publicist after this? A Hefner pajama and a teddybear, really?

Oscars 2011 red carpet trend

A trend on the red carpet at this year’s Oscars was definitely sparkly, glittery and creamy whites. I loved all of the above dresses, the Monique Lhuillier dress that Mandy Moore wore is stunning as is the Calvin Klein Collection dress Gweneth Paltrow chose. Michelle Williams is so cute in her little pixie haircut and sleek and sparkly white dress.


My love for boho-ish

I think it started way back when Rachel Zoe took Nicole Richie under her wing and revamped her entire wardrobe. That’s when Nicole Richie (and the rest of Zoe’s little army of clients) started dressing in the style that came to be titillated “boho-chic”, and I was instantly obsessed.

Around that time, I would spend hours searching the web for photos of Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Mischa Barton, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen etc. I dreamt of buying a Balenciaga biker bag in every color and I was drawn to anything “bohemian”. I specifically remember wearing a floor sweeping dark brown skirt to school, with a white top and a ton of bracelets and necklaces (this was a staple of mine), I loved that outfit but hated the stares I got for wearing something other than the preppy style that was the “norm” at my school.

My style has changed a lot through the years, as it always does. I think my mood and where I am at in my life effects what my style is like. But one thing I always tend to come back to is the “bohemian”-style. Anything that would go under the indian, native american, hippy, gypsy, boho – categories, I love it! Slap a band around my forehead and I get nicknamed Pocahontas. In fact, when I was living in Prague a friend of mine would always call me Pocahontas (this after seeing me at a Halloween party where I was dressed as Cleopatra with a gold band around my forehead), I swear he didn’t even know my real name.

As followers of my blog will know, I love Free People, Accessorize and the like. And as for my love for Nicole Richie? It never faded! I’m happy she’s still dressing “boho-chic”, even after breaking up with Rachel Zoe. And of course I love her boho-inspired brands Winter Kate and House of Harlow.

Winter Kate & House of Harlow love!

Winter Kate pieces

Cute shoes from the House of Harlow 1960 collection

I really like Nicole Richie’s two brands Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960. The collections really include some gorgeous pieces! I’m in love with the kimono-style jackets with pretty patterns and draping lengths, I’m penning them on my wish list.

Glee <3

I love Glee. I just watched the Britney/Brittany episode and I love the cover in the end of the Paramore song The Only Exception. So pretty, it’s a new favorite song of mine now. I’d heard it like once before but didn’t know it was a Paramore song.

Do you watch Glee?

How is it possible?

You know what doesn’t make sense to me? How is it possible that 39-year-old Rachel Zoe is pregnant?There’s no denying she’s got a stick thin barely-there figure, and that and pregnancy don’t exactly go hand in hand. But Rachel has confirmed on her Twitter that she is pregnant.


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