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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 Full Video

How about some Friday night entertainment? Bring on the glitz, the glamour… and the anxiety.

Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2012


Tonight’s the night. The annual anxiety provoking fashion show also known as The Victoria’s Secret fashion show airs on CBS at 10pm ET/PT.

This year’s musical acts are Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber. Alessandra Ambrosio was granted the pricey task of strutting down the runway with the $2,5 million 20-carat diamond bra strapped across her chest. And of course all the other familiar VS angels are in the show this year too, including Adriana Lima (who by the way is the only angel that looks even remotely healthy compared to her skeletal model friends), Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge, and Lindsay Ellingson.

Will you be watching?

Photos from here, here and here.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 – the whole show!

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 (part one)

It’ll be a while until the VS fashion show airs in Sweden, but until then you can watch it on YouTube. Believe it or not, I’ve only watched part one so far. I’ve got too much studying to do so I’ll wait to watch it until it airs on TV. But here’s the whole show in 8 parts (number one is embedded above).

VS fashion show part 2

VS fashion show part 3

VS fashion show part 4

VS fashion show part 5

VS fashion show part 6

VS fashion show part 7

VS fashion show part 8



Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011/2012 Pt.3

Photos: fashionista.com

…and even more photos from this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show that’ll air in the US on November 29th. Will you be watching?

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011/2012 Pt.2

Photos: fashionista.com

Some more photos from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011/2012. Crazy, glittery, sparkling, colorful, stunning, fun!

Victoria’s Secret show 2011/2012 Pt.1

Photos: fashionista.com

The annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show (2011/2012) was taped the 9th of November and will air in the US on November 29th. No telling yet when it’ll air in the rest of the world. Here in Sweden it’s usually run on TV some time around New Years Eve.

Those of you who have followed my blog for some time know I’ve got a slight “obsession” with Victoria’s Secret, and I’ve mentioned it many years previously, and most recently in association to the VS party I went to. I wouldn’t say I love all their stuff, in fact a lot of it is very tacky, but it’s fun! And the Victoria’s Secret show is always so extremely over-the-top and glittery, it brings on the Christmas spirit in me.

There’s more photos to come, for those of you VS-obsessed like me.

Next year I’m going to be…

In regards to my post about the Victoria’s Secret-party I went to last Saturday, I had to of course mention this. Victoria’s Secret have a Halloween collection! Some of the outfits are rather tacky, but I kind of like the two above.

Heck yes! I know what I’m going to go as next Halloween! Hahaha…

I’ve been surfing the Accessorize website again…

I’ll admit, I’m guilty – of surfing the Accessorize website again! I’ve still got my gift certificate that I got for Christmas so I’m writing up my wish list. I think I’ve got about 10 bags on my list right now that I want to go and see if they have in the store tomorrow.

I want something different and colorful. So much stuff in my wardrobe is dark, black, grey, dark blue… I need more color! A statement bag like one of these from Accessorize is so perfect to really give an outfit an extra bang!

Which bag do you like the best?

Accessorize also have a lot of nice clothes, also in the style that I’m into right now.

P.S If  I had an iPhone (I have an HTC) I’d obviously have to get this.

More Victoria’s Secret 2010/2011

Now that I’ve seen more of the photos from the Victoria’s Secret 2010/2011 show I’m not feeling as negative about it. I think the first photos I saw were only of a specific part of the show, which happened to be the ugliest. The rest of the show seems to be just as fun and full of life as it usually is. I love the annual VS show, it’s such a bubbly, glittery and colorful event.

Do you like what you’ve seen so far?

A hot sunday spent inside

It’s been an extremely hot day today. I overheard someone saying it was 35C this afternoon (that’s about 95F)! I just checked the weather on my cell phone and it’s still up high around 30C (86F) even this late in the evening. It’s sticky and warm, but I’m not complaining. I’m surprised there haven’t been some major thunder storms though, but I guess they’ll strike without warning any day now!

Despite the heat, I spent the day doing some boring things like laundry, cleaning and then I spent the afternoon at the mall (at least it’s cooler in there than outside!) I exchanged the denim shorts for a tank top at H&M and found a pretty lace bra at a store called Change. The girls that worked there are very friendly and helpful! (Malin, this is where we should always go to get our lingerie!) After running around for a bit in the mall I sat down at my favorite café again (surprised?) and did some reading and writing while downing a cold smoothie and an iced coffee.

Apparently the heat has been causing some problems today – there was an announcement at the train station stating that part of the route was closed off until further notice because one of the trains had derailed. Apparently when it gets hot like this, the rails expand and that led to one of the trains jumping off the tracks. This happened shortly after noon today and last I checked they still haven’t managed to get the train back onto the tracks and out of the way. They figure it’s going to take until tomorrow to get things straightened out. Luckily nobody got seriously injured.

Some photos from the day…

My new top from H&M, baggy and breezy. Nice!

Button details

My new bra, I wanted something pretty to wear under sheer tops this summer

It’s got really pretty details

And finally, iced coffee and a chilled smoothie at Barista


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