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Dream a little dream…





Nearly every summer since 2005 I have travelled to the US to visit my relatives for about three weeks. It’s pretty much the same set up every year, but it’s important for me to go because I have all my relatives in the US and I so rarely get to see them. This year I’m not going, I was offered a new job and a full time schedule for most of the summer, so the responsible side of me decided my student budget would benefit more from work than vacation.

The truth is, I’m very sad that I don’t have any vacation or travel planned this summer. The summer is my only time off all year, and the only time I have to travel. A part of me so desperately wants to drop everything and just go. Right now. Just be free. I realize my priorities in life are so often wrong. I’m too responsible for my own good sometimes, and the more I think about it the more I come to appreciate that life is so precious, and short. It should be spent doing things that will make you happy. There’s a time and a place to be responsible, but you only get one life and thus one chance to explore this magnificent world of ours. There’s so much to see, and it’s impossible to see it all in a lifetime, but I’d be a fool to not explore the little bit I can.

I’m going to try my hardest to find the time to travel again soon. Someplace warm would be nice, especially since Sweden has been so cold and rainy all summer, but – crazy as it sounds – the place I’ve been most tempted to go lately… is Iceland. I visited Iceland as a kid with my family. We stayed for three days and did the typical tourist things – the Blue Lagoon, saw some erupting geysirs, and went horseback riding on Iceland ponies. I’ve always loved horses, so as you can imagine I was in heaven on Iceland with all the horses roaming free everywhere. I think I want to go back and re-live that, and just enjoy the big wide open spaces, beautiful nature, and serenity of it all. Who wants to go with me?

Midsummer on a pirate boat

imageI’m on a boat.


Malin’s bf T, firing up the grill (eh… cracking open a beer)


Me with a view.


Malin and I goofing around


Sunshine all day long, and sparkling waters


Happy friends


Goofy happy friends


The view with dinner

It was midsummer’s eve yesterday. A big day in Sweden, and Malin had invited me to a party on a boat. She’d said it was a pirate boat  but I figured that was just her way of wording it (she’s got a way with words that one). As we walked up to the boat I was stunned (and wonderfully excited) to see it was, in fact, a pirate boat. All black with red detailing along the side, hefty ropes and old creaky wood, it even had two skull flags!

We arrived around noon and were greeted by the captain of the ship, who also happens to be a permanent resident of the boat. We cracked open some drinks and breathed in the wonderful view. After a traditional “sill”-lunch (pickled herring, potatoes and eggs), the rest of the afternoon was spent soaking up the sun, talking, snapping goofy pictures, and waving to people walking by on the dock.

Once the sun had moved a considerable distance across the sky, Malin’s boyfriend fired up the grill and the captain of the ship (who also happens to be a chef, lucky us) prepared a plethora of goodies for dinner. Full and content, we basked in the evening sunlight, and had fun inviting some passers by onto the boat for a shot. I threw in the towel after that, too much sunshine had given me a migrane, but it was so worth it!

Now I’m off for round two of midsummer, a summer dinner at mom’s place. Albeit under the more traditional Swedish midsummer weather – grey skies and rain.

Lazy days, and a pirate boat party?


Had to get the second book in the Fifty Shades trilogy, since the first one ended so abruptly.


Went for a long walk the other day, cold as heck, but nice views anyway.


Met mom for coffee and discovered a new café in my backyard.


I had a cappucino.


Mom surprised me with flowers.




New simple ballerinas I picked up while shopping with J.

The past couple of days have been kind of lazy. The weather hasn’t been up to par (surprise, surprise), so I’ve spent my time reading Fifty Shades Darker (the second installment in the Fifty Shades trilogy), working out at the gym, taking walks and sweaty runs along the water, had coffee with mom, went shopping with J… you know, your typical lousy weather stuff.

Tomorrow is midsummer’s eve, which is a big deal in Sweden. I was spontaneously invited to a party with my friend Malin. It’s on a boat. A pirate boat. Oh, this should be interesting…

Not your average Monday


Yesterday I started a new course in school and had two long lectures. My plan for the afternoon was to exercise, grocery shop and probably take a power nap because I was feeling exhausted.

Those plans suddenly changed when I bumped into a classmate on my way home who spontaneously offered to show me this beautiful area not far from where I live. We popped into the grocery store and got a little afternoon snack and something to drink and then headed off on our walk.

He took me to this area where there’s a little farm with goats, pigs, and horses! Ironically, I was just thinking the past weekend about how I haven’t touched a horse (or been horseback riding) in so many years, and how much I miss it (it was my LIFE growing up). It made my day that I got to pet a horse, and to know there’s three of them a short walk from where I live is just fantastic.

We continued our walk and my classmate showed me a great picnic and swimming spot right by the water, and tons of nature and great areas for runs and walks. We sat on the cliffs by the water and ate our snack and then headed back. When I got home I realized we’d been out walking for nearly two hours!

I’m so happy to know of these new areas now, it’s the perfect place to hang out this summer!

How to spend a beautiful fall Sunday

What started out as a pretty lame/boring/depressing Sunday was quickly turned into something amazing when I pulled on my jacket, threw my schoolbooks in my bag and ventured outside (yes, I put my shoes on too). I can’t even form words to describe what met me outside (I’ll let the pictures do the talking).

I took a walk to my best café, got a cup of coffee and a sandwich and worked on my presentation. This café is especially cozy on a beautiful fall day like today. Perfect Sunday!

I discovered a new café today

For several years I’ve seen a sign for a café nearby where I live, and I’ve kept making a mental note to check it out some day. Today was the day I finally took a walk there (’bout time, no?) I’ll definitely be going back more times! It’s super cosy and relaxing, the perfect café to go to on a breezy summer day like today.

It’s right by the water and you’re surrounded by beautiful nature. Ahh, serenity. I’m so happy this is a ten minute walk from where I live! I can’t believe I haven’t got around to going to this place until now.

My deer friend

Remember the deer I bumped into in my back yard? Well, it seems he/she (it) is a regular. It payed me another visit today. This time, I grabbed my camera quick as a speeding dart and walked right up to it and snapped a photo. Imagine having a pet deer! I think I’m going to friend this one, ask if it wants to come in for a cup of coffee next time. No?

The Road Trip

Yesterday my mom, sister and I spent the whole day together. We had what my mom called a “road trip” planned. We didn’t go that far, even though we drove a lot. It was a fun day and I had my DSLR along with me so I took the opportunity to play around with taking photos. Here’s what I saw, and did.

We started out by driving out to Stavnäs to find a place to eat lunch.

We stopped at Bageriet and eyed the menu and the nice sandwiches in the display.

We decided this was a good place to eat. It was cosy and there were books all along the walls.

We sat by the window to eat.

After lunch comes… coffee and lunch-dessert. I had a minibiskvi that was filled with dark chocolate

My sister opted for a classic chocolate ball.

Then we took a little walk and saw what we saw, before hopping in the car and continuing our ride.

We stopped along the road to buy fresh raspberries and strawberries

And then continued down the road

We saw a sign for a garage sale, so we had to stop and do some thrifting. I found a great cinnamon shaker.

We made a quick stop at the gas station and my sister and I decided we needed something to nibble on in the car. Peanut M&M’s are the perfect car-nibbling-snack.

I love horses, always have and always will. I made mom stop the car so I could take a picture of two of the many horses we passed along the way.

I also couldn’t help photographing pretty flowers all along the way.

Then we drove to Gustavsberg and peeked into some cute shops. The road blocks were painted in happy colors.

At the iittala outlet I looked at pretty plates, bowls and mugs.

And then it was time for some more coffee but this time we had it to go. I liked the photos on the wall at the café.

After a stop for some groceries, we steered the car home and fired up the grill. I made a pretty salad to go with dinner.

After dinner we had strawberries and mom’s homemade brownies (they’re the best)

Today I’m meeting my two friends B and S and we’re heading out to Fjäderholmarna for another whole-day activity. And the sun is finally out!

Top of the mornin’!

I got up this morning and headed out for a run (it’s steaming hot out). Right as I rounded my apartment I had to stop dead in my tracks because there was a deer standing in the small spot of grass right behind my apartment. It lifted its head and looked at me for a second before going back to grazing in the nickel-sized spot of grass surrounded by apartment buildings.

A pretty nice way to start the day if you ask me. I just wish I’d had my phone with me so that I could have snapped a photo of my “deer moment”, I was literally steps away from it and it didn’t even flinch!


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