My 15 minutes of fame!

Photo: Painting by Michael Zavros, from here

I just got a positive email about more work yesterday. It’s freelance though and it’s going to be fun. I’ve been waiting to start on this little project for ages. I’ll tell you more about it later!

Yesterday I saw a commercial on TV announcing that the new season of a TV-series I had a role in is going to start next week! I have to watch the whole season so I don’t miss my part! I had such a fun time filming that show! I also saw another commercial for House, that’s also starting again next week! Haha, I sound like such a TV-junkie.

Now I gotta go have some breakfast and then run down to the post office and send a package and then head off to work!

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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4 responses to “My 15 minutes of fame!”

  1. alex says :

    Spännande hörru!

  2. Anna_j says :

    Vilken serie? Får man ju inte missa =)

  3. grace says :

    You should watch Mercy! That show is so the female House!

  4. ABH says :

    Wow I can’t believe they advertise that on TV! I have no idea how they do it here!

    You were made for the public eye baby ♥

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