Wanna go on a date?

I have to tell you about the two guys that asked me out at work. Oh my gawd.

Thursday last week I was working evenings when this guy comes up to me and asks me for a magazine with street style photos. I noticed right away that he was staring at me a little too much. I show him the Nylon’s Street Style book and notice again how he’s looking more at me than he is at the book. I tell him he can have a look at it and then I turn around to continue with what I was doing. He decides he wants the book and as he’s paying for it he’s staring at me like holy crap, you’re freaking me the hell out!

I quickly move on to other things once he’s payed… but he’s still standing there. Staring. This dude had the creepiest eyes too. I don’t know if he was trying to look hot or something but it was NOT happening. I feel it coming and sure enough he walks up to me again and says Excuse me? I was just wondering what you’re doing now, when you end… if you want to go for coffee or something? Eeeek. Sh!t sh!t sh!t. Okay, think fast Tina! Ehrm… sorry, I’ve kind of got a boyfriend. YESS! Score, good excuse there! I smile and thank him for the compliment and he says he just had to ask and wishes me a good night and then leaves. Phew!

No less than four days later another guy comes in. I’ve seen him before and pondered the fact that he looks a lot like a teacher I had in sixth grade that everyone fell in love with (even some of the guys, I’m pretty sure). I’m busy talking to my co-worker Linda and laughing with her, but I notice how he’s walking around a little uneasy. I tell Linda to go take care of some papers so that I can go on my lunch break. As soon as the coast is clear lookslikemysixthgradeteacher pops up in front of me like wham in your face and says What are you doing now, do you quit now? I explain that I’m going to go to lunch. Oh… would you like to maybe do something, some time… later? Ah crap, are you kidding me!? NOT AGAIN! Ok… think! Excuse? Ah! Boyfriend, right! Sorry… I’ve got a boyfriend. He looks dissapointed and then says Of couse… I just had to ask, you know it’s the ‘new thing’ to do. I told him I was flattered and thought it was brave of him (I honestly do!). At least he didn’t have creepy eyes. As soon as he was out of sight I ran to Linda and burst out laughing. I seriously need to learn how to handle these situations.

The very next day a guy comes in and is google-eyeing me the entire time he’s there. Don’t ask me what is up. I don’t get it. Honestly, I don’t. I’ve had bad hair days and bad days in general these past couple of days. I’m not using a new perfume or doing my makeup any different. Not that I’m complaining. Really. If only they could be a little more… my type.


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2 responses to “Wanna go on a date?”

  1. fröken lila says :

    well, maybe one of them was your type and you just didn’t know it? i mean, maybe next time is worth a try?

  2. ABH says :

    maybe it’s because you are beautiful? seriously, what guy WOULDN’T ask you on a date??

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