Maria Montazami

Photo from Maria Montazami’s blog

I have to say, I absolutely adore Maria Montazami. For those of you who don’t live in Sweden, I’m sure the name Montazami says nothing to you, but here in Sweden she’s known everywhere since starring on a Swedish reality show about Swedish “Hollywood Housewives”. The series is in its second season this year and follows four Swedish women living in Hollywood. The show has a huge group of followers, many of which watch the show solely to see Maria Montazami.

What’s so great about her? What I love about her is that she’s funny, and makes life look so simple and reminds me of how the simple things in life can bring you joy. Little things like a glass of wine and peanuts make her happy. Or Swedish cheese doodles. I just watched the latest episode where she was invited to a big event in Sweden, the QX gay awards and I couldn’t stop laughing at how nervous she was about it and how she couldn’t believe they’d asked her to present an award at the show – she didn’t think anyone knew who she was!

She just recently started writing a blog too, which is every bit as cute and funny as she is on the show, don’t miss it! Check it out here: Maria Montazami’s blog


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3 responses to “Maria Montazami”

  1. erinbee. says :


    i miss you. love you. hope all is well. :]

  2. Mia says :

    1. Incredibely ugly. Fake blond hair, a bad tan and nude lipstick DOES NOT cure ugliness.
    2. Sounds like someone bathed her braincells in 96% alcohol. I’m not saying she’s stupid, but she certainly sounds like there’s a big chunk of her brain missing.

    That’s enough for me to -no matter how nice she may be in person- dislike her. A lot. There’s just nothing to her. Makes life look simple? Wow, what a hero. Ugh.

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