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My awesome friend Malin gave me a ton of music tips yesterday. One of her suggestions were Jason Walker’s song Down, I am so happy she introduced this song to me, I love it!


My Saturday in pictures

I started the morning with my favorite newspaper and breakfast

In the afternoon Malin picked me up and we drove to IKEA, she did a good job driving, I only felt a little car sick.

We raced through IKEA to find all the things Malin needed to pimp up her balcony.

When we got to Malin’s apartment we sat out in the sun with a glass of “saft” (Swedish juice)

We put her new plants out on the porch, and pillows on the porch chairs

After dinner, the sun started to set and it got a little bit colder, so Malin put a sweater on and we drank tea.

And then we talked about anything and everything as the sun set in front of us.

Todays plans: date with a friend!

Today I’m meeting Malin (above photo proof) to go to IKEA and pick up some neccessities. I don’t really have anything I need, but she had a plan to go out there today and buy some stuff for her porch, she asked me to tag along and I volunteered to act as moral support in the stressful environment that IKEA has a tendency to be. I’ve got my fingers crossed I’m spared of any temper tantrums or otherwise unpleasant outbursts (from myself, Malin or others).

After our IKEA trip I’m heading back to Malin’s apartment to finally check it out. She’s lived there for like a year and I have yet to see (and approve) the place. She just called and promised to make me vegetarian tacos for dinner. Score!

Am I excited or what?

Jungle porch

I fixed up the porch today, finally. It’s so warm outside and now the porch is like an overgrown jungle of flowers and leaves, I can’t wait to sit out there in the evening with candles lit everywhere. It’ll be so cozy!


I got my hair cut today and it feels great! My hair was getting so dry and thin that a haircut was long overdue. I love my hairdresser Nathalie, she’s awesome!

Telephone my piano

I know I keep posting YouTube videos, but that’s only because I keep coming across so many amazing things that I feel I just have to share! Like this amazing girl for example, she’s got a ton of piano covers of famous and popular songs, like Lady Gaga and BeyoncĂ©’s “Telephone”.

Last year I set up a new years resolution to learn “The River Flows in You” by Yiruma on the piano, and I did! I just recently learned “Requiem for a Dream Lux Aeterna” and my list of songs I want to learn just keeps growing… next up I think will be the Pearl Harbor-theme song Tennessee.

I’m constantly looking for new songs to learn on the piano, so feel free to give me suggestions!

The Horse Boy

I just watched an amazing documentary called The Horse Boy about an autistic boy. His parents go on a long and challenging trip with him, on horseback through Mongolia to reach their destination – the shamans. They meet one of the oldest and most powerful shamans (healers) who agrees to treat their boy. Following a ceremony with the shaman, a miracle has clearly occurred and the family travel back home where they can begin a new chapter in their life.

If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do! You can see it on SVT Play, or read more about it on the official website.