Nailpolish from Viva la Diva

A girl I know was wearing a really bold pink color on her nails the other day and I had to ask her where she’d got the polish. Add to it that she was very tanned so the color was really popping out at me. She said she couldn’t remember the name of the brand but told me what store she’d bought it in and described the bottle. I knew right away that it was “Viva la Diva”. It’s an inexpensive brand that have a lot of great colors (especially now for the summer). You’d expect a “cheap” brand to not be very good quality, but that’s what’s so great about “Viva la Diva”, their polishes last a long time and don’t chip!

I got three pink-ish colors, the colors really aren’t shown well in this picture, it’s taken with my HTC-phone and the camera on that thing is el crap.


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