Do a good deed!

I know I keep going on and on about how much I love the café Barista. My favorite Barista (it’s a franchise) is the one at my local mall, it’s SO cozy! I recently got their “regular customer’s card” which you charge with money and then use to pay with when you have coffee or eat at the café. Each time you swipe the special card, you donate a meal to kids in Ethiopia. Barista recently celebrated that they’d donated over 200 000 meals! How amazing is that? The great thing about the card too is that each week they’ve got special deals for people with the “Stammis”-card, and their takeaway coffee is always cheaper for regulars.

Also, almost everything at Barista is both fairtrade and organic. Why do I ever go anyplace else?

And here’s a short commerical video from the World Food Programme, starring Sean Penn. Definitely worth considering, check it out:


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One response to “Do a good deed!”

  1. winterlust says :

    Loyal customers get good rewards 🙂

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