I live here, and you don’t.

Yesterday I sat out in the sun for a while in the afternoon on my computer. The weather we’ve had lately is absolutely unbelieveable. It hasn’t rained in weeks! I’ve been going for walks around the neighbourhood here, there’s a lot of beautiful big houses in this area and rich people living here. They’re the type of houses that seem to say I live here and you don’t.


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2 responses to “I live here, and you don’t.”

  1. land animal says :

    Thought you’d be interested in this if you haven’t seen it:

    • land animal says :

      What honestly boggles my mind about it is that she looks so much better in the outtakes! I mean I honestly know I looked pretty bad when I was heavier, but she looks so much sexier! We are so obsessed with thinness that we can’t even see when someone really does look beautiful with more weight?
      It’s so stupid!

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