Bye bye apartment, bye bye freedom.

I’ve left the building! Sadly, my two and a half weeks living in the pretty apartment out by the water are over. The cat’s owners come home today so I spent the whole morning cleaning. Yesterday I baked apple crumb muffins for them that I left on the table along with a pretty card. I don’t think they’ve got home yet because the woman said she was going to call me and I haven’t heard from them yet.

I unpacked pretty much as soon as I got home. That’s the only part of cleaning that I hate, unpacking is so boring! I figured I might as well snap to it or it’ll never get done.

Ah, I’m going to miss that apartment. Good thing I have a couple of fun things to look forward to this week, like lunch with my girlfriends, coffee with Malin and hopefully meeting up with my friend Alex who’s moving to another city in two weeks! Sad! 😦

The apple crumb muffins

I bought new fresh herbs for the kitchen windowsill too, pretty!


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2 responses to “Bye bye apartment, bye bye freedom.”

  1. alex says :

    Klart vi ska!

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