Lindsay Lohan jail party


Dear Lindsay,

Couldn’t you have dressed up a little better for the big surprise party everyone threw you? What’s with the gloomy colors? You’re usually so good at dressing like you’re part of the mardi gras – belly baring, high heels, glittery smudged makeup, a bottle of tequila in your hand and all. Everyone’s throwing golden potpurri at you and you’re acting like a party pooper!

Oh wait…I guess it’s kinda gotta suck to have people throw a carnival for you as you’re headed to jail, huh? Glitter explosions, a million paparazzis and cameras in your face as your walking your final steps to block D. Bummer.


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3 responses to “Lindsay Lohan jail party”

  1. Sara says :

    Ja, stackars flicka. Hoppas hon hittar sig själv en dag.

  2. winterlust says :

    Hahaha funny girl

  3. blunethost says :

    I have add your blog to my favorites

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