Dark roots hairstyle

It used to be that as soon as the slightest little bit of roots were showing, people would rush to the hairdresser to get the proof of their real hair color covered up. Now, celebrities like Ashley Simpson and Rachel Bilson are heading to the salons to get this style specifically done. Dark roots and lighter tips, as if you’ve got a couple inches of your roots growing out in a different color than the rest of the hair. Am I sensing a trend in this hairstyle? What do you think of it? Hot or not?


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4 responses to “Dark roots hairstyle”

  1. Haleigh says :

    I don’t care if it’s “in style” or not… I think that it looks pretty sloppy.. which is not my style preference at all. Although I do adore Rachel Bilson so I can forgive her this once.

    • Tina says :

      I agree. I think Ashlee Simpson’s hair in the fourth picture is just horrible. But I love Rachel Bilson so I forgive her 😉

  2. winterlust says :

    I think Rachel billion is the only one that can get away with it! It seems everyone is doing it these days here in Australia

  3. Long Hair Styles says :

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