Jumping, laughing, shopping, screaming…

I’ve had an awesome day! I spent it with Malin at the mall, including two visits to my favorite café Barista. I think I’ve managed to convince Malin of how fantastic Barista is. First, we had lunch to fuel for what turned out to be two hours of spontaneous shopping. I managed to burn some cash on a new pair of high heeled shoes (but they were on sale, so I had to, right?). While we were having lunch, Alex called and invited me to her son’s 1 year birthday party on Friday! I was so thrilled I practically screamed in the phone. I’m so happy I get to see Alex and her adorable baby boy before they move this weekend.

Some pictures from the day…

I always admire the cool lamps they have at Barista. I want one of these at home.

Malin and I took a break from our shopping at one point to practice our jumps…

… or mid-air poses. Malin was a little bit better at it than I was (she’d obviously been practicing when I wasn’t around).

My jumps mostly looked like I was doing yoga mid-air.

Here’s my new shoes, sexay no? (I’ll show you a better picture of them later)

After all that shopping we went and had a smoothie at Barista (again), we sat in what I like to call the “birdcage”-chairs, I love them. I want one of them at home too!


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2 responses to “Jumping, laughing, shopping, screaming…”

  1. Malin says :

    Tack för en underbar dag vännen, love you so much! 🙂

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