About hairstyles and hairdos

It’s about time for me to go and get my hair cut again. I was surfing around to find some photos for inspiration of what I would like to do with my hair this time. I’m pretty much decided on that I want to keep it long, and let it grow even longer. I usually get it cut in layers to give it volume but I think I’m going to ask for less layers this time and maybe go for a bangs. What do you think?

I also found some really pretty up-dos that I wish I could do myself, it would be nice to have a pretty hairdo on my birthday!

I’ve always loved Rachel Bilson’s haistyles!

I think I might go with something like this, I had bangs a little over a year ago.

I wish I could do one of these pretty hairdos for my birthday!


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2 responses to “About hairstyles and hairdos”

  1. Magdalena says :

    I agree that Rachel’s hair is always perfect and so shiny!

  2. winterlust says :

    I’m like that with Nicole richie- I love every hair style she has!

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