Rainy day coffee

It’s been raining buckets all day long! I can usually appreciate a day like this and see it as an opportunity to sit around in my PJs all day and watch TV or read, but I’ve been restless all week so right now I absolutely hate this weather and just want it to end.

Nonetheless, I’ve spent the day doing indoor things that are destined for a rainy day (cleaning, reading, etc.) I contemplated going and having a cup of coffee at Barista, just to get out and do something. But instead I tried my hand at making another latte on my own. I’ve got all the neccessary equipment now. The result? Well… let’s just say practice makes perfect (or at least I hope so).

Anyone have any suggestions of how to make a good cup of press coffee?

Coffee equipment

Today’s coffee latte, topped with cinnamon!


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One response to “Rainy day coffee”

  1. Magdalena says :

    Mmmmm, this coffee looks amaizng, I bet it tastes even better! 😀

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