E and I took a walk…

I managed my nanny-job without any mishaps! E and I went for a walk along Hornstull strand and he fell asleep after about five minutes and slept the whole way. The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze, I love the trail along the water near Hornstull, it’s so beautiful!

I’ve never had any friends or family members with small children so it was a real treat to get to spend some quality time with E. I’m going to miss him and his mom Alex so much! I’ve always felt like I’m not good around kids and doubted if I’ll ever get any of my own, but now that I’ve got to spend some time with E I’ve noticed how extremely cozy it can be. (And yes, it’s a lot of hard work too!) I snapped some photos to share, what do you think – am I mommy material?

You can all me Nanny Fine.

We passed the reggae café, a.k.a. Café Tubby! Love this place!


More scenery…

All along this trail, the trees are literally bent over into the water

There’s a ton of these small little cottages/houses along the trail, I wish I could live in one of them!

Closeup of the pretty flowerbeds.


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5 responses to “E and I took a walk…”

  1. sara says :

    jag vet inte om en promenad avgör om man är mammamaterial eller ej men himla fina bilder har du tagit i vilket fall (:

    • Tina says :

      Nej, jag menade inte att en promenad kan avgöra om man är mammamaterial. Jag syftade mer på att jag för första gången känner en lust till att vilja ha barn över huvud taget, har tidigare inte riktigt känt att barn är “min grej”.

  2. Anya Volkov says :

    Sweden looks absolutely beautiful!

  3. winterlust says :

    Sweden is so beautiful! I ESP live that little cafe!

    • Tina says :

      That little café is SO cute. They’re only open during the summer though and I haven’t been there yet this summer. I have to try to get by there before they close. Too bad it’s such crappy weather now though.

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