Tae bo with Billy Blanks

The rain from the past couple of days has left the ground damp and muddy, so I didn’t want to go out running today and destroy my new asics the first thing I do. So I exercised inside, with my boy Billy Blanks.

My cousin got me into Tae bo a couple of years ago, she’d brought her exercise DVD “Celebrity Fit Sculpt” with her on a visit from the US and was doing it in our living room. So, when I went to visit her in the US I picked up my own copy of it. It’s a fun workout and you sweat more than you would imagine while doing it! It’s a kind of kickboxing, I guess you could say.

My exercise today was so intense that my feet started bleeding (it sounds a lot worse than it was). I was doing the exercise barefood (bad idea) and rubbed up my big toe so bad that I left blood stains all over the floor. Haha!

Tae bo – Celebrity Fit Sculpt by Billy Blanks exercise DVD


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One response to “Tae bo with Billy Blanks”

  1. winterlust says :

    I wish DVDs motivated me! Half way through, I always get distracted/bored and stop! That’s why I have to go to the gym because I don’t end up walking out half way through haha.

    Ouuchhhhh bloody toe!

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