Help Jamie Oliver!

I absolutely love Jamie Oliver, I think he’s a fantastic chef who encourages healthy eating (and by that I mean he makes real food, not diet crap or junky fast food). Over the years he’s started a ton of projects to help make the world a better place, he’s filmed documentaries, gone out to schools to teach children about the importance of healthy eating, and this year he won the TED Prize wish (watch his fantastic TED talk here). His wish was to create a food revolution in America.

We all know how bad the situation has become in the world. On the one hand, you’ve got children and adults starving in third world countries, while at the same time, you’ve got people in Ameria eating their way straight into the grave. Children born today are expected to live a shorter life than their parents.

We need to get kids motivated about healthy eating. Do you have an idea about how it can be done? Follow Jamie Oliver’s work with The Food Revolution, and do what you can to help!

Also, vote for Jamie Oliver here, so that he can donate $10 000 to his charity!


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