Let’s wrap it up

I didn’t end up meeting Malin yesterday, things got too late and too stressful so we decided to meet today instead. But, yesterday looked like this…

I bought a fantastic journal and pencil case at the bookstore, love!

When I got home I started baking…

And watched the pita bread puff up in the oven!

The finished product! Turned out much better this time!

After baking (and a TON of cleaning) it was time for some coffee and writing

And then the mail came with a bunch of invites to events (haven’t decided if I’m going to go yet)


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2 responses to “Let’s wrap it up”

  1. winterlust says :

    Daaaaaaamn it I was gonna buy you a journal!

    • Tina says :

      Gaah, you are such a cutie! You don’t have to get me anything sweetie. The fact that you read all my mile-long emails is a big enough gift for me. But, speaking of – is there anything Swedish you’d like for your birthday? 😉

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