You’ve got the love

I spent this evening in deep conversation with Malin about boyfriends, life, relationships and the meaning of love. We’re both in a place in our lives where we’ve got a lot to think about. There’s love in the air for both of us and it’s exciting and scary all at once. But mostly, it’s paralyzingly wonderful.

Me, today in Stockholm (photo courtesy of Malin)

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6 responses to “You’ve got the love”

  1. winterlust says :

    You look stunning! Where did you get the shirt from? I loveeeee it!

    I love those kind of conversations! Sometimes, I do love being a girl 🙂

  2. Malin says :

    Du Àr bÀst gumman, smart, snygg, rolig, stöttande och Àrlig. Love you!

  3. innerwellness says :

    I have been standing on the same street in Stockholm! I can’t wait to move back to Sweden, sigh.

    You look gorgeous! xoxo

  4. alex says :

    Å önskar jag kunde varit med! Jag vill skriva sĂ„ mycket och frĂ„ga sĂ„ mycket men har sĂ„ ont om tid. Flackar mellan datatillgĂ„ng dagligen.

    Hoppas fÄ en mysig pratstund snart dock.


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