Monster chocolate face mask

Yesterday I met up with Malin in the afternoon for a quick chat. I needed some encouraging words, which she successfully provided. She also gave me a gift she’d bought for me in NYC (she was there on a 10 day vacation, yes I’m jealous). She knows me so well, the necklace is spot on my style!

Later, I met up with Bella and we spent some time chatting and then decided to go for a short walk along the water because it was such great weather. Stockholm is seriously beautiful in the summer. We had to stop and take some photos along the water. I love spending time with my friends!

In the evening I did seriously girly stuff – I painted my nails (and toenails) and applied a chocolate face mask that you would have wanted to lick clean off my face had you been here (it smelled soo chocolate-y). I also spent some time laughing at myself in the mirror after smearing said face mask all over my face, I looked so ridiculous!

Let’s strike a pose!

Bella taking some photos!

Me and Bella! (Love you Bells!)

The chocolate face mask, haha! I can’t believe I’m posting this photo!

The necklace that I got from Malin, how cute is this!? Love you Malin!


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5 responses to “Monster chocolate face mask”

  1. winterlust says :

    I love the cobble roads in Sweden! Is it like that everywhere in Stockholm?

    Gorgeous necklaces 🙂

  2. Bella says :

    Haha så söt i din ansiktsmask!

  3. Haleigh says :

    Tina you are beautiful! Especially with the sexy chocolate face mask 😉

    A little girly time is something we all need. It’s SO nice to be pampered.

  4. alex says :

    LÄt inte som jag ville ovan. Säger igen,



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