Indiska Fall 2010

I stop by Indiska every once in a while to check out what new stuff they’ve got in store. It’s not rare that I find something that I like – if nothing else, they’ve got some good accessories. I just flipped through their fall ad campaign photos and see there’s a couple of things I need to keep my eyes open for.

Indiska also has a lot of home products as well which I absolutely love. I have yet to walk through an Indiska without finding some new cup, plate, vase or jar I want to add to my never ending collection of pretty kitchen and interior decorating supplies.

I like the look of this dress, will definitely be taking a closer look at it once it’s in store!

This scarf is great! It looks so cozy, and the accessories look nice too!

Love this dress and sweater, the whole look is really cute!

An example of Indiska’s home products, I love the bold colors. It adds energy to the room!

Two sweaters I like, I always bundle up in sweaters in the fall and winter so I don’t freeze.

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