Plotting the outfit and evening…

I need to make sure to take pictures tonight, I always forget to pull out my camera when I’m out, and then I wake up the next morning to find I only took like three photos and all of them were either butt ugly, totally random, blurry and/or of people I don’t know.

I guess there’s some fun in that too though.

Trying to decide what to wear…

Probably these shoes…

My chunky lion necklace

And smokey eyes, my staple.


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2 responses to “Plotting the outfit and evening…”

  1. winterlust says :

    loveeeeee the shoes! I like the look of whatever is on the left! That black thing? lol

  2. oriav says :

    I am obsessed with your shoes as well!!! These are the ones that I want right now:) U might like them too!
    There the Jeffrey Campbell shoes—Tick Grainy Leather Shoe Black–(4 rows down)… Love them!!!!…..

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