Last nights party

I woke up this morning with a headache. Crawled out of bed, had breakfast and then went back to sleep for another two hours. I’ve still got a pulsating headache.

But it was so worth it. Last night was awesome. Lisa, Malin and I had a couple of glasses before heading to the block party to see Those Dancing Days perform (they were great). I bumped into a guy I went surfing with last year and then we met up with Malin’s friend Per. After the concert we grabbed a beer at Rival (yes, I drank beer all night. Shocker!) Malin was so proud of me for drinking beer (I never drink beer, I think it tastes like paper).

Outside Rival I bumped into an ex, which was quite a surprise to me as he was supposed to have moved to the US. I didn’t say hi, because he passed by so quickly but Malin and I set out to hunt him down. Unfortunately we never found him. We ran by Marie Laveau but weren’t feeling it, so we headed back to Helenes Krog where “Festa med killar” were DJing, and we met up with Malin’s boyfriend/fling/thing/guy/manboy/boytoy(?) and his friend who was visiting from Malaga. The spanish friend, Carlos was amazed over the fact that I have a twin roaming the streets of Stockholm, apparently his Swedish friend looks exactly like me. Scary.

The night ended at Ljunggren where I bumped into even more people I know. On the bus I noticed I had a mosquito bite on my hand (weird) and the girl next to me was reading a book about Kabballah (this was at like 2am on a Sunday morning, totally normal. Not.) Now, pictures!

Downing a Grolsch

Malin downing her Grolsch, represent!


A lot of people at the Those Dancing Days-concert

Those Dancing Days


Malin’s photo proof of me drinking beer…

Malin, Lisa and I


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2 responses to “Last nights party”

  1. winterlust says :

    I LOVE your jacket!! I’m not a beer drinker either, it tastes so thick for me!

  2. Malin says :

    Tack för en riktigt jävla underbar kväll, favorit i repris på fredag 😀

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