Pre-birthday celebration!

On Monday my sister, mother, brother and his girlfriend celebrated my birthday a little bit early and I got some gifts. I really scored on the gift part and got some awesome stuff. We had a nice dinner and fruit salad with Ben & Jerry’s for dessert! Good times.

Friday night (on my actual birthday) I’m going out with a gang of people for drinks and then we’ll see where the night takes uss!

The mountain of gifts!

Some of the great stuff I got (nailpolish, tea, owl brooch, stabilo pens, strawberry tray, stamps, mini cupcake forms)

My brother’s girlfriend, Veronika, brought me a beautiful sunflower!

Got this bracelet from mom, it’s from Indiska!

Veronika also got me these fabulous earrings!

My brother got me this owl brooch along with some cupcake forms (with heels on them) and some mojito tea! How cool is this brooch!?  (How did he know I love owl jewelry?)

Here’s all the owl jewellry I’ve managed to collect in recent years, I don’t know why I keep being drawn to owl pendants. The black one in the lower right corner is from Malin.

Sunflower in focus…

Now sunflower teacup in focus…

Mom got me this super cute and quirky teacup, it matches my real sunflower perfectly!


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One response to “Pre-birthday celebration!”

  1. winterlust says :

    I loveeeee the bracelet the most! It’s my kind of style hehe.

    That’s one cute tea cup set!

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