As promised, here are photos from my birthday night! Most of these photos are taken by my brother’s girlfriend, Veronika. She’s such a talented photographer! Some of the pictures I’ve also “stolen” from Bella. Thanks girls!

Beata, her boyfriend Carl and I!


Leo, my brother Eric and Veronika! Love this picture!

Bella talking to Sigrid

Must have been some kind of deep conversation…

Bella and I!

My friend Robin and I

Bella and I again!

The club was packed with partypeople!

I rounded off the evening by dancing on the bar!

Loved it!



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2 responses to “PHOTOS FROM THE BIRTHDAY!”

  1. winterlust says :

    Hahahaha I can’t believe you were allowed to dance on the table! :O Is that a regular place you go to?

  2. alex says :

    Å det där hade jag velat se!!! Viken härlig kväll, du ser så lycklig ut. Grattis i efterskott!

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