You are not your looks

I came across an inspirational quote and decided to make it into a board that I’m going to hang up in a place where my girlfriends can see it and constantly be reminded its message. My girlfriends are so important to me and I want them to know that they are beautiful, and have hearts bigger than this world. I want the very best for all of them. This is a quote that everyone should remember and remind themselves of every single day.

The quote reads:

You are not your hair – frizzy, smooth, or limp. You are not your feet – colossal, average, or tiny. You are not your thighs – scrawny, muscular, or dimpled. You are not your looks.

What you are is far more than the eye can see. You are your culture. You are your history. You are your quirks. You are your talents. You are your spirit.

And absolutely none of these things can be judged by a photograph.


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2 responses to “You are not your looks”

  1. bendedspoon says :

    it’s heartwarming
    each time a pretty being says,
    ‘your worth is far beyond your looks’

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