Cozy bird cage chair

I love the “bird cage”-chairs at Barista (you can see me sitting in one of them in this post), and I just came across a very similar chair by Sika Design that’s sold through Urband Living. It’s got a rather juicy price tag, but I want it so bad! Imagine having it hanging in the corner of a room, with pillows and blankets making it extra cosy. I can see myself sitting in it this winter, with candles lit around me, a good cup of tea and a book or my journal in hand.

Photo: press photo from Urban Living


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3 responses to “Cozy bird cage chair”

  1. winterlust says :

    Hmmmmm how much is pricey? It could be justified lol

    • Tina says :

      It’s 3 500 SEK which is about 522 AUD… not the kind of money I feel I can spend right now. But I understand what you mean – it could probably be jusitified, considering all the pleasure and use I’d get out of it!

      • winterlust says :

        Yeah that’s definitely a heffy amount! But these days I’ve been spending more on quality items. When considering something, I divide the price by the amount of times I’ll use it & it works out to be nothing 🙂

        Could you put it on layby & get family to chip in as an early christmas present? 😛

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