I had just got home from school. I crawled up in bed and turned on my television to relax for a while before starting on my homework. I remember flashing by CNN and seeing paramedics carrying someone on a gurney. At first, I didn’t reflect much upon it. I figured the news broadcast was covering some incident in one of the many countries in the world infected by war. It’s sad that war is such a common thing that I didn’t even flinch at first.

I flipped back to CNN and looked closer. I read the flashing text that was scrolling by at the bottom of the screen and slowly realized what was going on. I ran downstairs and turned on the television in the living room, told my sister to come and look. I explained to her what was going on – the little bit I’d managed to gather so far.

My mom called from work and told me to call my grandfather and my aunt and uncle in the US. She said to make sure that none of them were on any flights today. I did as she said and called my grandfather first. I’d never heard him so distraught. He’s usually happy and talkative on the phone to me, but all he kept saying was that he couldn’t understand how something like this could happen. Who would do something like this? He was so upset and I didn’t know what to say, I got worried hearing the stress and sadness in his voice. I called my other relatives too, and I am thankful that none of them were on any flights, or in NYC that day.

For months the incidents surrounding September 11th dominated the headlines in the news. This was one of the first big catastrophes that had happened in my lifetime, at least since I’d become old enough to actually understand the sadness and anger that was going on in the world around me.

A couple of months later, I wrote a paper in school about 9/11. I recieved the highest mark in my class and my teacher later told me that she was using my paper as an example for her future students. A lot of people were affected very severely by this. Very many people lost their families, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, best friends, daughters, sons, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, acquaintances, co-workers, lovers, husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends.

I will never be able to think of today’s date without thinking of all those people. Today, I am lighting a candle for all of the people who lost someone on September 11th, 2001. And for anyone in the world who has ever lost anyone as a result of hatred or war.

Please be nice to eachother.


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One response to “9.11.2001”

  1. winterlust says :

    Reading this brought shivers through my body! Do you still have the article you wrote? I was only 11 when it happened so I didn’t really understand what was going on but the images were trauntizing 😦

    Over the years I’ve read a couple of different studies, why it happened. I even did a research paper on the Iraq war in 1991 & some articles I found believed that was the reason for the attack.

    Crazy stuff!

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