Thank you!

My mom got home from the US on Thursday and she had bought me so many nice things! She was so excited to show me everything she’d found for me. Everything was spot on and I am so grateful for all the things I got. It was like Chrismtas for me on Thursday!

My brother was also in the US with his girlfriend for a short visit last week and I had coffee with him yesterday. He surprised me with a gift he’d found for me in the US – an owl ring! Now I’ve got three owl rings (my mom also found me one!) My collection of cute owls is becoming big and I love it! I have so many rings now too, yay!

Mom got me two new owl necklaces! They’re so pretty!

She also found me this pretty peacock ring and matching bracelet!

My ring collection has grown petty big now! Awesome! The owl with the black belly in the front is from my brother! ❤

Mom brought me all these rings from the US. The owl is a favorite, of course!

Mom also got me some new books, Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert and Chosen by a Horse by Susan Richards. Great! I’ve been in need of something new to read forever!

Mom also brought me home some of my Victoria’s Secret favorites and some other goodies that smell super yum!

Whatever did I do to deserve such a nice mom and brother that think of me and bring me such nice things?! I love you!


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2 responses to “Thank you!”

  1. Anya Volkov says :

    So much awesome stuff! I love the bracelet & the owl stuff! & you can now read Committed :D:D

  2. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine says :

    very pretty jewelry! I love owls too, but I just have 1 necklace with it.

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