You’re not my friend on Facebook

People I’ve only met once and don’t really know, or friends of friends seem like an unnecessary addition to my Facebook. It’s not like we’ve really got anything to talk about, or are ever going to write on each other’s walls. Facebook is an amazing tool for networking, but it’s also up to each person how they want to use their Facebook. I want to keep in touch with people I actually know.

A couple of weeks ago I went through my friends lists and deleted a bunch of people who I for some reason accepted when they sent me a friend request, but who I do not know at all. Their status updates, event invites and other random messages have been cluttering up my account, I don’t know why I didn’t delete them earlier. I also added a big group of my Facebook-friends to my limited profile. People I hardly know haven’t earned my trust, so they go on the limited list.

I’ve had some friends on Facebook who have done nothing but negatively affect me. They’ve left nasty comments to my status updates or on my photos and it makes me so upset and angry every time. Someone who makes me feel bad is not someone I would call a friend. I don’t need your nasty comments in my life – DELETE.


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4 responses to “You’re not my friend on Facebook”

  1. Nathan Marcello says :

    I got sick of facebook and deleted it. It was getting on my nerves. People want you to add them just to get more fake friends.

  2. Nonsense Of The Truth says :

    I don’t like it when people just add random people just to have more friends on facebook, that’s so stupid. And haha, I loveee that picture!

  3. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine says :

    I like this post!
    I really need to clean up my friends list too.
    I can’t believe anyone would leave you a nasty comment… how rude!

  4. winterlust says :

    Yeah I need to delete afew people because everytime they post, I just skip past them so why have them!

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