I’ve got the best friends in the world!

My owl collection continues to grow! Yesterday my friend surprised me with this adorable owl notebook! She’d seen it in a store and thought of me. Another friend of mine posted a photo of herself wearing her owl earrings on my Facebook, she said wearing them made her think of me. I’m the owl girl now, and damn proud too!

I often wonder what I’ve done to deserve the things my friends do for me. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the nice things people have done for me. Like that my brother spontaneously bought me an owl ring during his vacation in the US, he picked it out and thought of me. And my mom got me so many nice things during her trip too. To me, it’s always the thought that counts, there’s something unexplainably beautiful about the thought and effort someone put into something for you – whether it’s an email or a package. I appreciate both equally, I don’t know what I would have done these past years without the support and love from my friends and family. Their encouraging words, long emails of support and just being there for me when I’m down have meant the world to me.

I love you forever and always.


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