Volunteer baking and new projects!

My mom is a nurse and she recently asked me if I would be willing to volunteer baking every once in a while at the hospital were she works.

I headed over there this afternoon and got busy! I baked apple and cinnamon crumble muffins, oatmeal cookies and banana bread with oatmeal crumble on top. Everyone kept walking past the kitchen and saying it smelled so good and I think all of the nurses asked me if I’m planning on becoming a baker. Haha! I got a job offer too – one of the nurses asked me to bake her cinnamon buns and she’d pay me for it. Awesome! Maybe I should start my own baking company?

I talked to the woman who’s apartment I stayed in this summer this afternoon too, and she wants me to stay there again next week! She also wants me to style their apartment! They’ve just recently bought the floor under their apartment so they’ll be re-building and making their apartment bigger and she wants me to decorate the bottom floor while they’re on vacation and I’m staying there. I’m going out there on Monday to check out the new floor, fun!

Baking is fun, so are new projects!


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One response to “Volunteer baking and new projects!”

  1. winterlust says :

    Sounds like you’ve been VERY busy!!

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