Nicole Richie’s new book is out!

Nicole Richie’s new book is out! It’s titled Priceless and is Richie’s follow-up novel to The Truth about Diamonds that came out in 2006. Similar to The Truth about Diamonds, Priceless is the story of pampered rich girl Charlotte Williams, and her struggles as she goes from princess to outcast following her fathers confession in a massive Wall Street fraud. Charlotte flees the scene, to New Orleans and her former nanny where she unexpectedly finds a new best friend in Kat and a love interest in her nanny’s son Jackson.

I’ve read The Truth about Diamonds and it wasn’t bad but it’s wasn’t fantastic either. I’ll admit I’m curious about Priceless but from the sounds of it, I think I’d grow bored of the story very quickly.

Are you going to read Priceless?


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2 responses to “Nicole Richie’s new book is out!”

  1. The Shopping Forecast says :

    That’s not her on the cover is it? Looks more like Nicky Hilton.

  2. winterlust says :

    I enjoyed the first one but the same as you, I found it a very easy read. I wouldread the 2nd purely because Nicole Richie wrote it :/

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