Happy Birthday Malin!

It was Malin‘s birthday on Sunday but she has been in sunny Spain the past five days so I wasn’t able to congratulate her here at home until today! I ran by her at work to give her my gift!

The Swedish bullar that I baked yesterday (in my new super cute box shapes with flowers on them) were for her! I wrapped it up all nicely with a card that says we’re going to go to Fotografiska together! Fotografiska is a photography museum that recently opened up in town. The current exhibition is of fashion photography through the years.


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4 responses to “Happy Birthday Malin!”

  1. winterlust says :

    You’re such a thoughtful friend! Lucky Malin!

  2. Slamdunk says :

    Sounds nice. I hoped she liked the gift.

  3. Malin says :

    Tack älskade älskade älskade du! 😀

  4. Sara says :

    Muuums! Jag sitter på Lilla Essingen ;-)Och vilken fin inslagning. Konditor nästa? Kramis

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