Good karma?

I volunteer baking at the hospital as often as I have time because I want to help others, and because I enjoy being creative and baking. The bakegoods and desserts the patients normally get are full of preservatives and could probably last for years and years. That stuff isn’t going to help them get better, if anything it’ll make them more sick.

After stressing all morning, I finally got out the door and went to the hospital this afternoon. This time I made two variations of oatmeal cookies, two variations of jam cookies and an apple tart. The photo below is pretty crap because I took it with my phone, the stuff looked a lot nicer in real life. One of the nurses came in while I was baking and said it all looked unbelievable, that it was like I had created a bakery. I hope the patients like what I have baked.

Not that I’m asking for anything in return, but do you think this will give me good karma?

Cookies and an apple tart for the patients at the local hospital, better home baked than the preservative-packed stuff they’ve been getting.


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2 responses to “Good karma?”

  1. winterlust says :

    wow, all your baking looks amazing!! you definitely need to look into opening your own business!

    I wouldn’t say you need karma, you’ve done nothing bad to have to do anything to deserve good karma!

  2. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine says :

    the goods look fabulous! It is so nice of you to bake for the patients- I am sure that they will be better sooner because of you 🙂

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