Hair styling and more drama

I’m off to get my hair styled this morning. Malin called me a couple of days ago and needed me for an article she’s writing for the magazine she works for. It’s a special on New Years eve hairstyles. Who am I to say no to having someone “play” with my hair for a couple of hours? Bring it on! Hopefully I’ll catch what the stylist is doing, so that I can try to re-create the looks on my own.

Following the hairstyling I’m hurrying home to get some stuff done, and then this evening I’m going to a new theatre group I’m starting in (provided I actually dare go), fingers crossed it’s fun!


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2 responses to “Hair styling and more drama”

  1. Malin says :

    Självklart kan du lägga upp bilder 😀 tack som fan för att du ställde upp! Love you!

  2. alex says :

    Å ännu en kurs. Jag ska också leta reda på en när allt lugnat ner sig. En dag kanske vi hamnar i samma!

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