The hairdo

I met Malin this morning to go to a hair salon where I was going to model three looks created by a professional hair stylist, while Malin focused on writing up a detailed description of how to do the styles for an article she is writing. I had expected a couple of hours of pampering, but instead I spent four hours biting my lip in pain. Especially while we did the third and final hair style (seen above), I was really cringing in agony. All those hair pins hurt so much.

I had to hurry home to get it all our of my hair because it hurt so much and was so tight. It took a while to get out all the pins (I think I had about 100 pins in my hair), brush out the knotty mess, and finally wash it with shampoo, a hair mask and conditioner to get out the three bottles of hair spray that had been used in my hair (hairspray-dust was literally flying as I was brushing through my hair).  Now it’s finally back to normal. Phew.

I’ll show you better pictures of all three hairdos (we did one elegant look, one bohemic look and finally this rock look) when the magazine article is published and I can get the photos that Malin took “behing the scenes”.


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2 responses to “The hairdo”

  1. winterlust says :

    Yeah I hate getting my hair professionally done, it hurts so much with all the teasing! Couldn’t imagine what it’d be like to be a model, getting that done constantly!

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