Act one.

Last night I had my first of eight meetings with a new theatre/drama group I’m in. It was fun but I felt like we didn’t have time to get going so much, we did some exercises to get to know each other and to learn everyone’s names. I hope we get to do some scetches soon.

Craziest thing ever happened though, one of the girls in my group is the same age as me, and grew up in the town up north where I grew up! The odds of this happeneing are very slim because the town where I grew up is so extremely small that nobody even knows where it is when I tell them about it. She knew all my old classmates and childhood friends. Small world! I just got a message on Facebook from another one of the girls asking if I want to go for a beer after the next theatre class with her and the girl who grew up in the same town as I. It’s nice making new friends!


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2 responses to “Act one.”

  1. Sara says :

    Vilken teaterskola går du nu på? Kramis

  2. winterlust says :

    You’re always doing different stuff, I love it !

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