Are you a professional baker?

The loot from volunteer baking at the hospital today!

I’ve made it a habit of always taking a quick photo of the results of my volunteer-baking  each week. I take the photos with my cell phone so the photos are kind of crap, but it’s a way to keep track of the things I’ve baked each week. Iimagine when I can look back at all the photos and see all the work I’ve done to help the patients at the hospital!

Today I baked Sonny Boy (chocolate cookies with sugar sprinkles), classic Swedish Sirapskakor (syrup cookies), brownies (using a Swedish recipe, should have used my mom’s recipe!) and a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Each week when I go to the hospital to bake the nurses and staff ask me if I’m a professional baker, they “oohhh” and “aahhh” over my baking and ask me how on earth I manage to do so much in such a short time (I tend to make four different bakegoods in about 2-2,5 hours). Honestly, I have no idea!

I’m so happy when I get to hear that the patients like the things I bake, most of the patients are old grandmothers and grandfathers, which means they’re the toughest judges since they’ve got homecooking and baking in their backbones! It makes me happy that the patients are getting good bakegoods and not store-bought stuff that’s full of bad chemicals and preservatives.


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One response to “Are you a professional baker?”

  1. winterlust says :

    That all looks soo delicious! You’re making my mouth water!

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