Clearer examples: Rihanna vs. Tim Walker

I noticed that not everyone agreed with me about Rihanna’s new video for Only Girl being inspired by photographer Tim Walker. I figured I should clarify what I meant, so here are two examples of what I peronally think are very similar frames from the Rihanna video versus photographs by Tim Walker. What do you think?

Tim Walker’s photograph of a girl on a ladder in water surrounded by balloons, versus Rihanna on several ladders, in water and surrounded by balloons.

Tim Walker’s photo of lit up dresses in a tree versus Rihanna in her video dancing under a tree decorated with lit up dresses.


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2 responses to “Clearer examples: Rihanna vs. Tim Walker”

  1. winterlust says :

    NOW I can see the similiarities! Yes definitely very very similar!

  2. justinb88 says :

    Rihanna’s album Loud leaked!

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