Rihanna, the chameleon

I can’t get over how cool Rihanna’s hair is! I love the intensely red color and that she keeps changing it and styling it in so many different ways. It’s unbelieveable how she manages to be such a chameleon, one day she’s got long locks of firey red hair, the next it’s buzzed short and edgy. Not to mention the clothes she wears and the way she is styled aside from her hair. She’s inspirational and extremely creative with her own look, and obviously has a lot of fun playing around with different styles. This is why you shouldn’t be a slave to trends and instead go your own way and wear what you love and feel good wearing.


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One response to “Rihanna, the chameleon”

  1. winterlust says :

    I loveeee her colour hair with that cream bow! I’m such a fan of head pieces

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