I’m here, I’m here!

Sorry I have been so quiet all week, it’s been a really busy week and I’ve had no time for internet. I haven’t even turned on my laptop most days (which is crazy, if you know me).

I’ve been in meetings all day this past week and every evening I’ve had activities too. On Monday I went for a job interview (and got the job). Tuesday evening I spent comforting a friend who needed a shoulder to cry on, Wednesday evening  I went through some job-related things at the office, Thursday evening I had sushi-dinner with my girlfriends and Friday afternoon I had coffee with my girlfriends. Yesterday I volunteer-baked at the hospital and I spent the evening with some friends.

I also sold three of my fabric pumpkins this week and today I recieved and order to bake 30 kanelbullar by tomorrow evening, so I’ll be working on that most of the day tomorrow. I also got a pre-order to bake 100 lussebullar for the 17th of December. Things are busy right now. I’ll show you some of my latest projects tomorrow.


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One response to “I’m here, I’m here!”

  1. winterlust says :

    What job?? I haven’t spoken to you in so long 😦 but you are definitely one busy bee!

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