Lanterns/Candle holders

Flower pot

Wall clock

My owl obsession is a serious danger to my economy these days. There are owls everywhere! Every single store I walk into has something owl-related! Yesterday I walked through Lagerhaus (which by the way is a store that is impossible to walk through without buying something) and within a minute I’d seen several owl items (among other, the three above).

I love the lanterns above and the wall clock, and the flower pot is fun too. I’m trying to keep a hold on myself though, because too much of a good thing can be too much. (Oh, who am I kidding!? I’m adding these to my Christmas wishlist as we speak).

P.S This owl business is on the verge of getting it’s own category in the blog. O RLY? Yes, really.


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2 responses to “O RLY?”

  1. Anya Volkov says :

    You’re starting to get me all obsessed with owls too! haha they’re so cute!

  2. alex says :

    Den där väggklockan är ju helt fantastisk. Affärn finns här så jag ska genast besöka den. Tack för tipset!

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