Totally out of whack!

Excuse me while I work on not having a life. Because that’s exactly what my so called “life” is like right now – nonexistent. I am so busy working on all kinds of things that any second I get free is either spent knocked out in bed or in the bathroom. The worst thing is (for an organization freak like me) that most things are unforseen.

Aside from my actual job, which is like stuffing a whole weeks worth of work into one day, I’ve got big baking projects and orders constantly, I also made the magnificent choice to make most of my Christmas presents this year so I’m stressing out trying to finish everything even though Christmas is a month away – one of the things I’m making includes taking a course to learn how to actually make it. So yes, these things are going to take time. And on top of that, I’m still volunteer baking every Saturday at the hospital, I’m trying to catch up with friends who I haven’t talked to or seen in ages (by the way, I’m pretty much not answering my phone right now because I never have liked talking on the phone – it stresses me out – and just hearing it buzz gives me an ulsor now). And I’m running to auditions and doing roles as an extra too.

What on earth am I doing sitting around on my a** writing this!? I need to get back to business.



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