Time for baker’s rehab

This is a fraction of it. That’s 34 lussebullar and 48 kanelbullar, to be exact. I have been slaving in the kitchen all day baking. But that’s still just a fraction of everything I have been baking the past couple of weeks.

In total, I have baked 108 Lussebullar the past 2-3 weeks. Oh, but that’s still not all – I’ve also volunteer baked at the hospital every Saturday the past two months or so (averaging about 3-4 different bakegoods each time) and I’ve also completed an order of 35 kanelbullar, a chocolate cake, 25 oatmeal cookies, 17 chocolate muffins and one rulltårta. And the orders keep on rolling in. Are we starting to see why I have no time on my hands?

Not going to complain though, it is quite flattering that my baking is so popular!

P.S This is the first time I’m sitting down all day.

P.S 2 I also sold three more of my fabric pumpkins!


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2 responses to “Time for baker’s rehab”

  1. Lena (fröken_lila) says :

    maybe you should consider opening your own bakery?

  2. winterlust says :

    Looks delicious no doubt!

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