Christmas-themed day with Anna

The Christmas window at NK

More of the Christmas decorations at NK

The majestic Christmas tree along Skeppsbrokajen.

I brought Anna a Christmas present…

…A journal (wrapped), my homemade Christmas candies (in the box) and two of my cinnamon buns (which I know Anna was eager to try after seeing in my blog!)

I had a wonderful day with Anna! We walked all over town (freezing our legs off, I might add) and checked out all the pretty Christmas lights and trees.

We started off in Old Town with a cup of hot cocoa (a latte for me) and chitchatted away. Then we walked through town looking for a long jacket and some essentials for Anna before stopping by her hostel to drop off some of her bags. We then walked all the way back through town, checking out the Christmas decorations in the window at NK and the ice rink in Kungsträdgården before walking along Skeppsbrokajen to check out the big Christmas tree.

By the time we had done all of that we were hungry for dinner and finally ended up at Indian Garden. Beanies, gloves and scarves on again and we headed home. We’re likely meeting up for some more fun in the snow tomorrow, hopefully we’ll spend more time indoors tomorrow though (I know I’ll be dressing much warmer to be on the safe side!)


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One response to “Christmas-themed day with Anna”

  1. winterlust says :

    You are by far the sweetest person ever! I’m eating your baked goods as we speak 🙂 They really are as good as store bought!! Thank you so much 😀

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