Fashion and Winter Stockholm

A quote by Anna Wintour.

Loved this one by Camilla Åkrans

Fashion! at Fotografiska

The view from Gondolen of Södermalms torg (Christmas trees!)

I met Anna again today! We had planned on going to Kaknästornet so that Anna could get some good view-pictures of Stockholm but once I headed into town (after sleeping away half the day) it was very cloudy and foggy so we ended up going to Gondolen at Slussen instead to take photos from there.

After our little view from Gondolen we walked down to Fotografiska to check out the exhibition going on there (and to get warmed up!) I’m not that much for museums, and I’d seen most of the fashion photographs on display many times before but it was nice to walk around with Anna and discuss photography and get inspiration. Earlier in the day we had stopped at a photography store because I wanted to look at cameras with Anna (she knows a lot about cameras).

We ended at café Fåtöljen for something warm to eat and drink before we said goodbye. It’s sad that we live so far away from each other. I’m working the rest of the week and Anna leaves on Friday so I won’t get a chance to see her again. It’s been nice hanging out with her and walking all over the city, it’s not often I get to just walk around Stockholm and enjoy the view.

Thanks for an awesome time Anna! Enjoy the rest of Europe!


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One response to “Fashion and Winter Stockholm”

  1. winterlust says :

    Thank you so much for taking me to the fashion photo museum today! I’ve never been to anything like that before but really enjoyed it!

    What’s the area called where we went to eat today? Is it the same as where we went last night for dinner?

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