I can’t believe what has just happened in Stockholm. I am of course referring to the terrorist attack that occurred in central Stockholm yesterday evening. Around 5pm two bombs exploded near each other, one detonating closely following the other, right off Drottninggatan in central Stockholm.

A lot of people were out Christmas shopping on one of Stockholms busiest streets. No innocent people were seriously injured. I just keep thinking about all the people that were there, and what could have happened. As I’m sure many others, I’m also thinking about the possibility of this happening again and the fact that we’re not safe anywhere.

Now I’m glad that my friend Anna travelled to London on Friday morning, and wasn’t in town yesterday evening. She was staying in a hostel on Drottninggatan, just a few blocks away from where this happened.

Make sure you hug someone you love today.

Read more about the attacks on dn.se


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  1. winterlust says :

    WOW! I am in shock! I just read the article online! That is far too close to comfort! Thank god only the suicide bomber was injured. I didn’t even realise Sweden was under attack, thought it was just Moscow but turns out Germany has been warned too :S

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